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Folding Glass Balcony

Folding Glass Balcony it applied to the area to protect from the bad weather conditions and external factors, as well as an additional living space in the area where implementation is the system that allows the formation of a balcony. Folding Glass Balcony , which has thefeature of collecting the system wings to the desired location , creates a wide and comfortable area in the place where it is applied. The production and installation of the folding glass balcony, which is frequently preferred due to its economy, is also very practical. The areas where folding glass balconies are used have an aesthetic and modern appearance as well as being protected from bad weather conditions.

Folding Glass Balcony is  one of the practical product models that provides much more efficient use of balconies. Folding glass balconies, which provide high protection against climatic conditions and adverse weather conditions, make the balcony where it is used a much more productive space. Folding Glass Balcony , which is the number one choice of those who want to use their balcony efficiently in all four seasons  , is a  very healthy and useful choice. By collecting the folding glass balcony, which is produced with the support of health materials, in a certain place, a very large open space can be created.

Folding Glass Balcony Systems

Folding Glass Balcony Systems providing more practical and functional use in a balcony area is quite useful in terms of models .  The easily opening and closing structure of the system provides great ease of use and is particularly suitable for uninsulated space partitions. In addition, the folding glass balcony ,which provides an extremely impressive appearance to the area where it is applied , is one of the frequently preferred products especially recently.

While the Folding Glass Balcony System offers practical use thanks to its mechanism that can be opened and closed easily, it is suitable for use in all seasons thanks to its protection from adverse weather conditions. The folding glass balcony also provides high energy and performance in the area where it is applied. In this way, it is one of the products of the balcony system, which provides great ease of use to people.

Folding Glass Balcony Models

Folding Glass Balcony Models are  models that provide a very practical use thanks to their ability to be collected in the desired direction on the right or left. It creates an efficient and wide usage area in the place where it is used. Folding glass balcony systems, which protect the applied area from adverse weather conditions and climatic conditions, have models with an aesthetic appearance.

 Among the Folding Glass Balcony Models , there are profile and color options suitable for each customer’s demand. Those who want to choose the folding glass balcony model for their balcony can easily find the product in the model and color that suits their demands. Thanks to the folding glass balcony, productive areas are created in the indoor and outdoor partitions, while practical use can be achieved thanks to its folding and easily opening and closing mechanism.

SURCAM Assurance in Folding Glass Balcony

While the Folding Glass Balcony System offers an uninterrupted view, it provides a serious thermal insulation in the area where it is applied, thanks to its mechanism that can be easily opened and closed. You can contact our company for Folding Glass Balcony models that add aesthetic value to your home thanks to their very modern and stylish designs.

You can review our high quality, useful and aesthetically pleasing Folding Glass Balcony  models on our website  . You can have the Folding Glass Balcony model you like with the best price guarantee by contacting us through our live support service on our site or our contact number.

Folding Glass Balcony Prices

Folding Glass Balcony Prices  may vary according to the model of the preferred product. Those who want to prefer the folding glass balcony model for their balcony can easily find the product in the model and color suitable for their demands in our company.

While  very useful areas can  becreated in indoor and outdoor partitions thanks to the folding glass balcony ,a practical use can be achieved thanks to its folding and easily opening and closing mechanism.


What is Sliding Glass Balcony?

Sliding glass balcony , frequently used features in the balcony, closing the windows of the big attractions is the system that transforms the room into a virtual form. It should be said that the sliding glass system, which provides ease of use by collecting and applying the glasses on top of each other, is a very practical and comfortable product thanks to this feature. With its rail system and tempered glass structure, the sliding glass balcony, whichis very functional and easy to use, has many advantages.

Sliding Glass Balcony Features

Sliding Glass Balcony , which is frequently used in areas where spaces are narrow and limited, moves horizontally thanks to its rail system, and thus the space becomes more attractive by providing efficiency from the space. In addition, the sliding glass balcony is suitable for all kinds of curtain applications, since the wings do not fold in or out.

Sliding Glass System is a very safe glass system model thanks to the lock system on its wings. When the wingsof the Sliding Glass Balcony, which has a special design,are opened, they overlap. In this way, it is not necessary to apply much force to open the glass system. This provides a lot of convenience and practicality in the use of the system. Sliding Glass Balcony , which isproduced according to a technical design that can adapt to all balconies , also adds an aesthetic appearance to the areas where it is applied. The system, which is almost integrated with the area it is applied, provides full protection against negative factors such as cold, dust and rain in the area.

Advantages of Sliding Glass Balcony

Sliding Glass Balcony is one of the most advantageous products with its easy and practical use in balconies, windows and many places. Sliding Glass Balcony has become one of the most preferred products thanks to its advantages .

  1. 1. Prevents Heat Loss

Sliding glass balcony , as well prevents the entry of cold air also prevents the interior from the outside as well as inside the heat go out. In this way, it creates an insulation effect that prevents heat loss. This provides people with the opportunity to live a much more comfortable life by not losing heat and reducing energy bills accordingly.

  1. 2. Offers Long-lasting Use

Sliding Glass Balcony , 2 bearings and 2 wheels thanks mechanism is a very useful product model can be scrolled left and right. Sliding Glass Balcony , which uses quality materials in its production , is known for its long-lasting use. In this way, it can be said that people have been using the sliding glass system safely for many years.

  1. 3. Creates Extra Usage Area

Sliding Glass Balcony is mostly used to cover open areas such as balconies. In this way, balconies that cannot be used in autumn and winter due to adverse weather conditions turn into living spaces and become much more comfortable.

  1. 4. Affordable Price

Sliding Glass Balcony , it has reasonable prices that will not break your budget. As SURCAM company, weofferour customers a perfect Sliding Glass Balcony and enable them to benefit from our advantageous price options. You can enjoy the quality by choosing us!


About Folding Glass Systems!

Since its introduction to the structure of the glass material at splashy most flamboyant become the most prestigious, but Folding Glass Balcony reached if, colloquially Folding Glass , Glass Balcony , Sliding Glass is collected Glass Balcony closing, Balcony Coating, Folding Balcony said these systems with names like, They are especially preferred in apartments because they are flashy and stylish as well as being very useful.

In big cities, especially in Istanbul, residences are getting smaller and smaller, however, people want to make their flats with small areas more useful, in this way, Folding Glass Balcony Systems helps you by adding the balconies of your flats to your living spaces. In fact, it provides the greatest benefit in this area.

While this is the case in apartments, in villas and detached houses, which are different residences, Folding Glass Systems appear as Winter Garden, Front Glass Covering and Terrace Glazing. Winter Garden from these systems; It helps you expand your living spaces by joining your indoor spaces by covering two or three sides with glass walls, sometimes even the ceiling, as a glass door or protrusion from the wall of your house facing the garden. These systems are widely preferred in social spaces such as restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as residences.

In the Door Front Glass Closing System, which is another system, you can gain smaller areas, the purpose of which, as the name suggests, is to provide a shoe rack or cloakroom area of ​​a few square meters by surrounding the entrance doors of the houses with glass. In this system, you can add high prestige to your buildings by applying very stylish designs.

The last system mentioned is Terrace Glazing Systems, the purpose of these systems is to need a glass ceiling besides the glass walls beyond the balconies. This system is a system that can be used as open in summers and closed in winters by making an optional Opening Glass Ceiling applied to join your terraces in the closed living areas of the residences and villas on the last floors.

Folding Glass Systems-Sales Stories

On 04.09.2013, a folding glass balcony was installed in Nish Adalar Sitesi b-11 block d:8.

On 28.08.2013, the size of the balcony was taken by our teams and an agreement was reached by making a contract.
On the same day, cutting production of 8mm tempered (reinforced) glass was started.
After the glasses were prepared, they were taken to aluminum production.
Double-carrier stainless steel wheels are mounted on the aluminum, which is adhered to the upper and lower rail system, which is 5 wall thickness, cut according to the balcony dimensions.
A double row of 1200mm thick bristle roving is used under the plinth. When the manufacturing part of the system was completed, the customer was called 1 day in advance and the assembly day was decided. Between 10:00 – 10:30 in the morning, our assembly teams started the assembly in nishadalar b-11 block d:8. First, the lower and upper rail system was placed on the balcony, then the glasses were attached to the rail system and scaled.

The openings arising from the difference in elevation on the edge, top and bottom of the Glass Balcony were closed with aluminum brackets of the same color as the system, water and heat insulation were made from the inside and outside, and the balcony assembly was completed and delivered to the customer without any problems.

What is Guillotine Glass?

Guillotine Glass Systems are systems that can be opened and closed by moving vertically. It is also known by the name of “Moving Handrail” among the people. When the Guillotine Glass System is fully open, the area of ​​one panel height remains constant. It works both as a controllable glass system and as a fixed handrail system.

Guillotine Glass Features

Guillotine Glass System is generally produced with motor and remote control. In guillotine glass systems with 2 panels, one of the panels is fixed and the other is movable. In systems with 3 panels, 1 panel is fixed while the other 2 panels are movable. According to the demand and the suitability of the height in the area, guillotine glass systems with 4 panels can also be produced.

The reason why the Guillotine Glass System is known as a movable handrail is that when it is used in cafes, restaurants and social areas, it is at the height of the handrail that corresponds to the table level from the ground. Insulating glass or single glass can be used in the movable handrail system.

Guillotine Glass Usage Areas

Guillotine Glass System is one of the product models with a wide range of usage areas. Most used areas:

  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Shop
  • Hotel
  • Showcase
  • Stadium
  • Winter garden
  • Wedding hall and
  • • It can be listed as stores. Guillotine Glass Systems, which can be used manually or automatically, bring the feature of being a spacious, aesthetic, comfortable and useful area to the areas where they are used.

Guillotine Glass Advantages

Guillotine Glass is one of the glass models with many advantages in terms of both ease of use and aesthetic appearance. The main Guillotine Glass Advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Thanks to its thermal insulation feature, it saves a great deal of energy.
  • It shows 60% performance in sound insulation.
  • It never blocks the view of the place.
  • It provides a perfect ease of use as well as an aesthetic appearance.
  • • It makes the area where it is used peaceful and comfortable.
  • It provides protection of customers from adverse weather conditions in businesses using it for commercial purposes.
  • • It provides the opportunity to ventilate the environment at any time.
  • • It fulfills the task of railing thanks to the robust and durable materials used in its production.
  • • It makes the environment much safer against negative events such as theft.
  • It provides a very practical use especially for the elderly and children.


Insulating Glass Sliding Glass

Isicam , with a space between them, generally; It is the formation of a single piece of glass by filling inert gases such as krypton, argon, xenon or directly with air, using aluminum, desiccant and external insulation paste around it. The most important point to be taken care of is that not every double glazing has a double glazing feature. In order for the glass to be double-glazed, it must have the above-mentioned features. A glass that does not have these properties is no more than a normal glass.

In glasses with double- glazed properties, the gas filled in the spaces between the glasses has a higher success in thermal insulation compared to normal air. For this reason, care must be taken to ensure that the space between the glasses is filled with argon gas. As the amount of gas is increased, the heat saving will also increase. This is directly related to the amount of space in between. In today’s life, at least 16 mm thick double-glazed glasses are preferred for a correct heat saving .

Isıcam is the name given to the insulating glass produced by the Surcam company. Every double glazing you will buy in the market is not one of the types of double glazing Surcam has produced. Therefore, it is possible to experience a decrease in the quality of the glass. When choosing Sliding Glass with Insulating Glass , it is very important to learn which company the insulating glass belongs to. Acquiring an insulating glass made by Surcam brings quality to you.

How to Choose a Glass Balcony?

When it is decided to have a collapsible glass balcony , first of all, the structural features of the area to be made of the glass balcony are taken into consideration, and the size is taken carefully. Another point to be considered is that you should choose a folding or sliding glass balcony system according to your needs . Sliding glass balcony models are at least as comfortable and useful as folding glass balconies. This choice is entirely up to your needs and tastes.

Glass Balcony Benefits

  1. It provides the opportunity to use the balcony at any time. Snow makes it possible to use the balcony comfortably without saying winter.
  2. It becomes a tool to give your home a more modern and aesthetic look.
  3. Glass balcony systems can be opened and closed at any time. This helps to make balconies much more comfortable.


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