Isıcamlı Katlanır Cam Balkon

Isıcamlı Katlanır Cam Balkon

What is Insulating Glass Folding Glass?

Double-glazed folding glass balcony is a glazing system that is produced in a functional structure, designed to continue your balcony pleasure especially in winter, and that the glasses can be folded into one place. Double- glazed folding glass balcony is widely used in many places other than balconies.

Since the double-glazed folding system does not require any labor, it does not disturb the applied space and can be applied easily. In addition, in these systems, the windows are suspended from the top. Glass thicknesses are 10 mm. With the help of a door in the system, all windows can be opened one by one and closed again as they were opened.

Advantages of Insulating Glass Folding Glass

  • It protects your balcony in the area it is used and provides a functional solution by extending its seasonal use.
  • Double-glazed folding glass provides heat control.
  • It is made of 8 mm tempered glass and high quality aluminum.
  • It can be closed upon request in rainy and cold weather.
  • It doesn’t rain inside.
  • It can be opened when desired, just as it was closed.
  • It is very long-lasting when made by experts.
  • It has a locking system.
  • It provides full security thanks to its lock system.
  • It does not change the shape of the area where it is used, does not spoil it.
  • It makes your balcony a livable place and modernizes the exterior of your home.

Where is Double Glass Folding Glass Used?

Double-glazed folding glass is used fondly in many places as well as in the house. Insulating Glass Folding Glass balcony usage areas can be listed as follows:

  • in cafes
  • Instead of walls in houses
  • for the conservatory
  • In workplaces and offices
  • Workplace and office terraces
  • on home terraces
  • on home balconies

The Right Address for Insulating Glass Folding Glass!

Insulating Glass Folding Glass System is very long-lasting when it is made by expert companies. With Surcam , which does its job in the most professional and quality way, you can easily contact us via our website or our phone number. At the end of this communication, you can have the most suitable and advantageous price for the double-glazed folding glass balcony system you need .


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