Giyotin cam balkon

Giyotin cam balkon

What is Guillotine Glass?

Guillotine Glass Systems are systems that can be opened and closed by moving vertically. It is also known by the name of “Moving Handrail” among the people. When the Guillotine Glass System is fully open, the area of ​​one panel height remains constant. It works both as a controllable glass system and as a fixed handrail system.

Guillotine Glass Features

Guillotine Glass System is generally produced with motor and remote control. In guillotine glass systems with 2 panels, one of the panels is fixed and the other is movable. In systems with 3 panels, 1 panel is fixed while the other 2 panels are movable. According to the demand and the suitability of the height in the area, guillotine glass systems with 4 panels can also be produced.

The reason why the Guillotine Glass System is known as a movable handrail is that when it is used in cafes, restaurants and social areas, it is at the height of the handrail that corresponds to the table level from the ground. Insulating glass or single glass can be used in the movable handrail system.

Guillotine Glass Usage Areas

Guillotine Glass System is one of the product models with a wide range of usage areas. Most used areas:

  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Shop
  • Hotel
  • Showcase
  • Stadium
  • Winter garden
  • Wedding hall and
  • • It can be listed as stores. Guillotine Glass Systems, which can be used manually or automatically, bring the feature of being a spacious, aesthetic, comfortable and useful area to the areas where they are used.

Guillotine Glass Advantages

Guillotine Glass is one of the glass models with many advantages in terms of both ease of use and aesthetic appearance. The main Guillotine Glass Advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Thanks to its thermal insulation feature, it saves a great deal of energy.
  • It shows 60% performance in sound insulation.
  • It never blocks the view of the place.
  • It provides an aesthetic appearance as well as a perfect ease of use.
  • • It makes the area where it is used peaceful and comfortable.
  • It provides protection of customers from adverse weather conditions in businesses using it for commercial purposes.
  • • It provides the opportunity to ventilate the environment at any time.
  • • It fulfills the task of railing thanks to the robust and durable materials used in its production.
  • • It makes the environment much safer against negative events such as theft.
  • It provides a very practical use especially for the elderly and children.


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